Swept Path Analysis Reports

It is essential that routes for the operation of oversize/overmass vehicles be selected so as to minimise risk to other road users and property whilst facilitating efficient freight movement.

A Swept Path Analysis (SPA) is the assessment and computation of the turning performance of steered vehicles or multi-combination vehicles, such as road trains, b-doubles, etc. The vehicle's parameters are input into our programs which then calculate exactly how that vehicle will perform under a turn situation.

When nominating routes for these vehicles Australian State Road Authorities base their assessments on Austroads templates and/or Performance Based Standards (PBS) guidelines. In order for the Authorities to be confident that the proposed movements comply with their requirements they can request a drawing showing the Swept Path Analysis of the vehicle overlaid on the proposed route, or within a swept path template, to demonstrate that the vehicle can manoeuvre safely and efficiently within the layout.

We can plot the movement and path of different parts of a vehicle when that vehicle is undertaking a turning manoeuvre. This includes calculating the path taken by each wheel during the turn and also calculating the space needed by the vehicle body during the turn.

The Analysis can also account for unusual or projecting loads on wheeled transport; for example the transportation of large items (such as wind-farm turbine blades, ship's hulls, mining equipment or other large objects).

Rigid Truck Data Form

Drill Rig Data Form

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