VSB6 Modification Assessments

Modification procedures for heavy vehicles are defined by the National Code of Practice VSB6. Modifications that affect a vehicle's original compliance must be certified by recognised Engineering Signatories.

We are DOTWA recognised modification/certification signatories (Authorised Modifiers/Officers) and issue VSB6 modification plates and certificates.

We can assist in certifying the following modifications;
• Axle Installation/Removal/Substitution
• Body Mounting
• Brake System Certifications
• Chassis Modifications
• Fifth Wheel/King Pin Installation/Relocation

• Seating Alterations/Motorhome Conversions
• Suspension Substitution
• Tow Coupling Installation and Rating
• Trailer GTM and ATM Ratings
• Truck GVM and GCM Ratings
• Tyre/Rim Alterations
• Wheelbase Alterations
• Tow Truck T1,T2 sign-off

If you wish to have a vehicle assessed, please contact us or complete the applicable form below and submit it to us.

Semi Trailer Assessment Application Form

Pig Trailer Assessment Application Form

Truck GVM/GCM Rating Application Form