Heavy Vehicle Certifications Pty Ltd (formerly Trivedi Design) provides engineering consultancy and technical services to the heavy vehicle and road transport industries.

Building on 40 years in the field of commercial vehicle technology & heavy vehicle engineering, HVC has established itself with a reputation for providing the best advice and the best service within the Western Australian Commercial Vehicle Industry. We specialise in Heavy Trailer certification and we prepare and submit Compliance and Import Applications on behalf of vehicle manufacturers and importers. We have provided this service since the introduction of the relevant Australian Design Rules.

We are registered with the Australian Federal Government's Vehicle Safety Standards branch as Australian Design Rule consultants (Agent ID # A00001) and we provide professional assistance to most of the recognised commercial vehicle manufacturers in Western Australia. We also service a large number of overseas clients.

We are also registered with DOTWA (Main Roads & Licensing Section) as Engineering Signatories and are authorised to issue Modification Plates and Certificates of Modification for all VSB6 modifications.